Multiboxing WOW and Other Games!

wowNoobs or Pro Gamers, If you are a serious MMORPG player, and you want to excel to the next level, then you need to get into multiboxing! Oh wait, you’re here because you don’t know how to. Hmm, Ok, then let me tell you this super ninja secret… promise not to tell anyone?… You ready? OK, here it is:

Get PwnBoxer!!

lol that’s it! This is the best multiboxing software there is and the easiest to setup. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the various multiboxers, and I can save you from wasting your time. Just stick with pwnboxer. I wasted so much time and eventually just had to cut my losses (which was my money and my wasted time).

Is it legal to multibox? Yes, in fact Blizzard recognizes and endorses multiboxing as a legitimate style of gameplay.

One thing that really convinced me to go with pwnboxer was that it was created by the founding CEO of wowhead. If you are a serious World of Warcraft player, then you are a WOWHEAD and then you know about WOWHEAD. haha.

Wowhead is a large WOW community that was created for the players. They abide by all World of Warcraft TOS (terms of service) and are pretty much the leading World of Warcraft information site.

One thing I’d like to mention is that although I talk about WOW a lot, I want to make clear that you can use pwnboxer for any MMORPG.

Multiboxing offers tons of tools and allows you to play multiple characters together at the same time all from one computer and all at once. If you want to dominate in the arenas or battlegrounds, then you really will enjoy multiboxing!

Pwnboxer has a bunch of easy to follow video tutorials on setup and getting started, so if you’re interested in multiboxing, head on over to their site and get started! Click here => PwnBoxer

Update: I’m in the process of making my own video tutorials to show you a step by step install.

Welcome To My Site

Hey what’s up and welcome to my site. My name is Nate and I consider myself a serious gamer. Mostly I play World of Warcraft, but I play other MMORPGs too.

If you’re a serious gamer but haven’t multiboxed yet, then you need to take the next step, it’s a new world of gaming! I recommend PwnBoxer. Initially multiboxing seems complicated, but it’s actually easier than it seems.

Stay Tuned…